Project Description

How Do We Create the best Sand Sculptures?

  • For outdoor sand sculptures, if the client has chosen this option, a tent is erected to protect the sand sculpture
  • Custom wood frames and forms are built to accommodate the sand sculpture or sand castle
  • Our team of sand sculptors fill and compact tons of layered sand into the custom forms or “molds”
  • Each layer of sand is then moistened and firmly packed into the wooden forms using a tamper tool
  • This creates a “ladder” or scaffolding, similar to what is used when constructing a home or high-rise!
  • Starting from the top, we then begin the process of sculpting sand, removing the wooden layers as we progress until we reach the bottom layer of sand, (i.e.,  “the beach” ) if we’re working on an an outdoor sand sculpture or sand castle.
  • All of the framework is removed, final sand sculpting processes are completed and are ready to enjoy.
  • If client has chosen not to “tent” their sand castle display, Sandtastic offers a windscreen spray that helps to preserve and protect the sand sculpture display.

Process of Building a Sand Sculpture or Sand Castle.
One Project at a Time

The process of building a sand sculpture is an art-form. Sculpting Sand professionally is physical work and it requires an enormous amount of precision coupled with the talent of an artist and sculptor. We help our clients from start to finish, taking their ideas or goals for their event and turning into a reality.  Although we’ve done thousands of professional sand sculptures in Florida and worldwide, each new sand sculpture is unique.  Our sand sculpting process is precise and unique but it always begins with your imagination , ideas and goals.  Our skillful sand sculpting artists simply transform your ideas into your reality.
The final result of our skill and your imagination?

Outstanding Sand Sculptures for :

  • Corporate logos for indoor or outdoor advertising,
  • Theme park sand sculpture displays to create interest and foot traffic,
  • Event, festival or fair sand sculptures that add ambiance and create hype
  • Sand sculptures on the beach for engagement or wedding day celebrations
  • Sand sculptured dining tables events for birthdays, team meeting events, graduations, receptions or other celebrations on the beach
professional sand sculpting process by Sandtastic Clearwater Florida
Wooden frames and forms are packed with sand
The frames are removed and sand is sculpted to complete process
Our sand sculptors use a tapper to pack the sand into the forms
Sand sculpting and carving process begins